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2015/11/23 11:05:09
Everything about the ongoing 6Quest Kickstarter campaign.


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2015/12/23 14:19:17
Dear players!

Thank you for your generous support for our project! We were delighted to see so many of you interested in our game! Sadly, the campaign was unsuccessful, but this does not mean the end of the project itself, which is still alive and well!

We have come up with an alternative plan for getting our quests translated to English, a plan that is already in motion. While this will mean a slower overall progression, individual gamebooks will actually be available earlier, than they would be with a successful Kickstarter. The first one - Just Another Day - will be out in February if all goes according to plan. You will be able to pre-order the quest at a significant discount while it is still undergoing translation and testing.

We went into this campaign inexperienced and unprepared for the new challenges it offered. Now we have drawn the necessary conclusions and adjusted our goals and plans accordingly.
We are sorry, that we let you down, and were unable to get the word out to enough people to make this project happen, but we were ecstatic to see all the messages, positive comments, encouragement and praise. We are determined to get our game to the fantastic people, like you who will enjoy it!

Right now, we are focusing on getting our quests translated, and building up our playerbase. You can find us here at, where our introductory quest Awakenings, and all six demos will continue to be availible. The site will also have plenty of new content soon, new achievements, new codexes and new teasers for the quest currently under translation.

Again, thank you for all your generous support, and happy holidays to each and every one of you!

The 6Quest Team


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2016/02/09 04:18:43
This site looks very promising. I played 3 quests and loved. It's very sad the kickstarter didn't happen, I hope you don't abanddon the translation, for I see your original website looks much more "evolved", but I can't understand a word.
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2016/02/10 16:02:14
Thank you!

We didn't abandon the project, in fact the translation for "Just Another Day" is finished, and a pre-ored will become availible very soon while we are still playtesting the final version. The translation for "Shipwrecked" is also underway, and will be availible in March.
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