What is 6Quest?

- 6Quest is a collection of online interactive gamebooks. These stories are text-based adventure games, where you are not only the reader but also the main character, and can decide how the story unfolds.

Similar well known projects include the Fighting Fantasy and Choose your Own Adventure series.

What sort of stories does 6Quest include?

- 6Quest publishes original fantasy stories written by the creators of the project. They take place on Felorian, a fantasy world shattered by an unknown catastrophe. The players will explore the past of this world, trying to find the causes of the cataclysm.
There are many different types of stories in 6Quest; monster-slaying, thievery, investigation and romance all have their day, depending the theme of the actual story.

I have seen other instances of interactive fiction, and they seem to have a much higher word count compared to yours. Why is this so?

- With 6Quest we wanted to focus on the interactive aspect of gamebooks, rather than the textual one, thus making them more personal.
We wanted to create an experience, where you are truly in control of the main character’s actions, and not just reading a book which occasionally asks what you would like to do. This in the end means shorter, more personal texts and more choices with heavier consequences.

Are there any dice rolls involved?

- 6Quest’s system operates with fixed number tests, so chance and luck has no impact on your success or failure. Only your decisions matter: nothing else. This prevents you from dying due to an unsuccessful roll of a dice and enables the writers to create more character-centered stories and challenges.

Why aren’t there more illustrations?

- 6Quest is first and foremost an interactive story game, and as such tries to focus more on creative world building, and presenting interesting choices, rather than visual representation. At the current level of the project, providing worthwhile illustrated content would cut significantly into our budget for creating more stories.

Why just six “starting quests”? Will there be more?

- 6Quest has a continuously expanding content. After the initial English release we are planning to publish a new quest every month. If the project is more successful this number can increase.



What do different game modes mean?

- Game-modes are a feature that we implemented to further increase replayability. They are meant to make quests either more or less challenging, depending your preferences. By unlocking an extra game mode, you will be able to use it for all your purchased quests.



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