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6Quest: The choice is yours

6Quest is an interactive fiction game app created by three hardcore fantasy enthusiasts which is now available on google play

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 This collection of fantasy gamebooks takes place in the shattered world of Felorian. Players can assume the role of Arkhons, extradimensional entities who are trying to collect pieces of forgotten memory from the history the world by assuming a multitude of roles in markedly different settings. Each setting is a separate quest, and can be enjoyed on its own, or as a part of the whole. 

The app currently contains an introductory quest, Awakenings, which helps you familiarize yourself with the world and the basic game mechanics, Just Another Day which deals with the misadventures of a city watchman in a fantasy metropolis and the demo of Shipwrecked which is a story about a pirate trying to escape a mysterious island.

The stories feature a unique game system which will have you on your toes as you play. Branching paths, timed challenges, moral choice systems and resource management will ensure that your choices actually matter and you can shape the story with your decisions.

Do you take a bribe? You better make sure it won’t come back to bite you in the rear later! Want to kill a few goblins you don’t like? Be prepared for the wrath of the entire village!

You can have dialogues with NPCs and collect codexes - small pieces of game lore - to familiarize yourself better with the game world. Or just ignore all of that and find solutions to your problems on your own. Multiple endings await to reward your playstyle - or to punish it.

High replayability is further helped by plenty of achievements in the games, some are pretty easy to get but others will need you to be creative.

You can find the game in the google play store and familiarize yourself with it by playing a simple introductory quest - or jump right in with the two playable demos of the more complex content.

6Quest - features

6Quest is a collection of fantasy gamebooks - stories in which you are the main character - with many unique and interesting features.

  • Multiple fantasy gamebooks (Currently 2 complete quests and 1 demo) touching on diverse themes. Be a hapless city watchman in one adventure and a strong-willed princess in another. Then try your luck as a pirate on a mysterious island or a bloodthirsty barbarian on his quest for revenge.
  • Deep and impactful character creation. Do you want to be a man or a woman? Solve problems with your muscles or your wit? Will you be observant enough to find the important clues about solving the puzzles? The game let’s you make a lot of choices about your character, and certain paths will be opened or closed for you depending on who you are.
  • A story that is shaped by your choices. Do you take a bribe? You better make sure it won’t come back to bite you in the rear later! Want to kill a few goblins you don’t like? Be prepared for the wrath of the entire village! Have you read the letter you found in the house of the murder victim? Now you might know where the killer will strike next. Did you instead enhance your senses magically? Now you have a greater chance at following those mysterious tracks...
  • No randomness: 6Quest does not use a dice system or a RNG. Every single influenceable event taking place in the stories is shaped by your decisions and your decisions only.
  • Plenty of collectibles: Find codexes - pieces of in-game lore - collect achievements and converse with NPCs to find out more about Felorian, the lost world of 6Quest.
  • Pretty to look at: Stylish original illustrations and an old school but intuitive design lets you immerse yourself in this exciting original fantasy world.
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