Just Another Day

Difficulty: Challenging Author: Cebe Gábor

Cyrdain. The greatest city of the Empire. The brightest jewel in the emperor's crown. A breathtakingly beautiful sight, full of tall spires, ornate palaces and vivid green parks. It only has one tiny flaw: people live here. The streets are bursting with merchants, craftsmen, nobles, beggars and adventurers.
It would be foolish to think all these people are able to live together in peace and harmony. It is a small miracle that they don't constantly try to rob, beat up or murder each other. The City Watch is in no small part responsible for this miracle, by keeping and restoring order - or at least trying to keep the chaos at bay.
It's a dirty, unpleasant and thankless task, but still, it's a job. Your job.

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